Beauty Balls | Energy Balls


Makes 14-18 Balls

1 Cup Pecans

1 Cup of Dates (remove the pit)

1 Tablespoon of Chia Seeds

1 Package of Shredded Coconut (Roll the balls in the coconut)



1.) First, add nuts to the food processor, blend for 20 seconds.

2.) Add the dates and chia seeds to the nuts in the food processor, blend for 20 seconds.

3.) Scoop with a melon ball scooper into round balls.

4.) Roll the sticky balls in the coconut. Eat and enjoy! Refrigerate (2-3 weeks) Freeze (3-12 weeks).


Dates are sweet with a rich caramel flavor adding fiber which keeps you full. They also contain nutrients that promote bone strength and health. Natural sugars are found in dates making them the right alternative over processed sugar.

Chia seeds are packed with soluble fiber promoting a healthy digestive system.  Grabbing toxins in the digestive track and allowing them to pass through quickly. They contain calcium, antioxidants and more Omega-3 fatty acids than some fish, which helps to protect against heart disease.  Omega -3’s must be obtained by eating it.  Your body cannot make it.  So eat your chia seeds!

Pecans are my favorite nut.  A great source of protein! They contain healthy fats, antioxidants and help maintain and sustain high energy. You can substitute any nut your desire into the recipe.


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