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Planning the life you want!  This is what happened after I created a vision board in my bedroom, the goals and dreams I posted on my board came true!  Almost immediately! I was checking things off that vision board within weeks, it really works!  Here is what you need to do.  Make the board!  I used a blank artist canvas that I had on hand, previously purchased from a local craft store. You can use a piece of cardboard or an existing picture and tape your goals on it, too!  Or make an art piece that has tape and thumb tacked pictures on it. Use anything you have readily available. I now have two boards. Well, if one works then why not two! One in my bedroom and now, one in my closest/office room (pictured above).

The first thing I see when I wake up is a big visual board of my yearly goals, pictures and for hyper focus a monthly spread sheet that details daily and weekly goals, events, check lists and “To Do’s.”  This monthly spread sheet is also in my daily planner. On a side note, I have planners videos on you tube. This is a link to a planner video.  https://youtu.be/GAUlMzow84w

Visualize your biggest dreams and desires. You are putting it out in the universe to attract those dreams and desires to you. Your mind will work on your goals every time you see the vision. You can take it one step further by listing daily/monthly/yearly goals. Pictures you post on your board can be from magazines, the internet, your camera.  Keep it simple!  My vision board is in quadrants.  Big lofty goals and dreams such as a dream home in one quadrant, personal goals like a purse or an art class in another quadrant, realistic goals in the lower quadrant and another quadrant family goals. Anything you dream and want add it to your vision board!

For example, creating a personal plan for an entire month of something you desire to have in your life.  It could be a change in lifestyle.  Eating, meal prep, your vision board could have an entire month of healthy foods, recipes and meals for you to prep on the weekend.  When you take the time to break down the steps but see the big picture it really helps move you forward to that goal.

I challenge you to make a vision board and personal plan for the next year.  Make that vision board and have it where you see it every single day. This is just for you!  If it sounds overwhelming just start with four pictures!

Visualize the picture, ask yourself these questions. What specific goal does it inspire?  For example, a picture of a beach or a snow capped mountain could be that vacation you want to take. Think of your bucket list and add it to your vision board. Now visualize it!  Where are you exactly? Who, if anyone, is in the picture with you?  What are the details?  What does it smell like?  Sight, sound, smell?  What do you hear? Who do you hear? What do you see?  Are other people with you?  What are they talking about?  How do you feel?  Do this with every single picture on your board.

Think positive thoughts while you visualize your dreams and goals coming true! Let me know if it works for you!

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