Planning, the Best Gift of All…

Everyday, I am inspired when I open my personalized planner. It gives me a silly giggle inside with a touch of some inspirational joy. This particular planner of mine is “the one” I use for planning everything. Creating and using my planner for holiday decor and entertaining is just one of the many uses in my planner. I do have different planners for different projects and uses. That can be a future post. However, right now, I wanted to give you a glimpse on not just planning ahead but how to keep it all together when life keeps getting busier and busier. Especially this time of year, The Holiday Season! Which can be really fun!

Quick tips and glance at my planner shows you some really fun dividers and the use of tabs. My tabs consist of Schedule from daily to monthly and yearly. The Goal tab I use a goal system, habit tracker and wishlists. The Idea tab is future planning, jotting down quick thoughts to act on now or later. The Finance tab is where my monthly expenses are accounted for with dates, description and amounts. The Memo tab is where I keep my website, usernames and passwords. The Misc tab is my Holiday Plan Guide. The Dividers are used to mark sections, To Do and Work.

The Holiday Plan Guide is where I plan on gathering everything, recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I use it for Table settings, Holiday Decor, Volunteering, Gift Giving and more. Typically, I start with food prep.

If I could give you one gift this year it would be for you to create a planner of your own. Planning is the best gift of all because it eliminates stress and anxiety by notating and tracking your plan. I am truly grateful to have my planner and I hope sharing some of these ideas with you, can help you focus on meaningful experiences.

Before you invest in a nice planner, start with the concept. First step, find a planner at a craft store and buy it with one of their usual 40% off coupons. You could use this planner just strictly as your Holiday Planner, Christmas, Seasonal Decor, Volunteering and Gift Giving planner. Get started by inserting traditional family recipes. Have a list of ingredients to buy that you can easily remove and take with you. List names of people and gifts to be purchased. Then check them off while completing each task.

Another Tab, Wishlist, Plan a party for your family and friends. This is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Start it off by using your planner as your wishlist of how you want your home to look. Pinterest, instagram, magazines find your inspiration and start saving pictures and jotting down ideas in your planner.

Party Planning Tab, planning your upcoming party by just sprucing up your home or full on holiday decor. Are you a natural earthy decor person or an all out bling and dazzle decorator? Maybe you are something in between? This holiday season I am creating a complete plan from herringbone patterns on ribbon and table top, to indoor and outdoor displays. Personally, I enjoy creating wreaths and table settings. Creating memories by sharing dinner with family and friends is a wonderful tradition. Track it all in your planner.

Schedule and entertainment. Go to an event, live theatre or a musical, brunch at your favorite restaurant, plan and make your reservations. Decorate your home with the very best you can afford. Use your planner to get it all done!

Get into the spirit of the season by giving back! If you don’t want to entertain at home. Plan a group gift by volunteering this holiday season. Go to Volunteers of America or any organization that you support and sign up. Donate a turkey to a food pantry. You and or/your family can help out or you can simply donate money.

When it comes to planning this holiday season and next year, I hope you use your planner to create memorable holiday moments for you, your family and friends.



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