Rembrandt – Painting in the style of “The Old Masters”

Over three decades ago my art journey, started. Primarily painting in watercolors as well as a portrait photographer.  As a young entrepreneur I had an art business where I sold my own art as well as other artists paintings. The majority of the art lined the walls of corporate Colorado businesses. Then after someone stole all of my art down to the brushes, I was devastated and never looked back. I became another type of broker. 

 I became a stock broker, instead of selling art, I traded in Stocks and bonds for nearly 18 years. Then later, specialized in Commodities. 

After receiving a B.B.A degree in business, at the University of Denver a health concern occurred causing a new direction. Instead of pursuing an M.B.A. I followed in the footsteps of my Grandmother and Mother. At Grandmother’s advise, I became a third generation real estate broker. Living, working and raising a family in Colorado for over four decades. 

Raising three children, owning my own Real Estate Brokerage left little time for much else. However, when time allowed, I did observe and explore art through reading, attending art openings, collecting art, going to museums. Meanwhile, discovering new and old techniques in oil painting, pastels and ceramics through workshops and classes.

Having a home in Vail, Colorado is where painting mountains, flowers, and meadows caught my attention. However, much of my focus at that time was photography.

I am known for portrait, mountain, and floral oil paintings. As well as painting in the magical style of “old 1700-1800 and early 1900’s painters.” I have true admiration for Degas, Rembrandt, Monet, Manet, and Duveneck  just to mention a few.

 “Painters on a Paint Brush.” Is where I captured Ohio’s famous 1800’s painter, Frank Duveneck and his wife Elizabeth Boott (Duveneck), also a painter. For irony sake painting them on a paint brush. Presented in two separate shadow boxes. See below.

“Painters on a Paint Brush”

Elizabeth Boott (Duveneck)

While painting portraits, my goal is to capture the inner spirit. Not just the likeness but who they really are inside. 

As Aristotle stated, “The aim of Art is to present not the outward appearance of things, but their inner significance; for this, not the external manner and detail, constitutes true reality.”

While constantly striving to seek out new ideas, mixed with old techniques in oil painting. It is nature where my true inspiration is found, it keeps me grounded. This is where you can find me, in the garden. Surrounded by dahlia’s, flowers, vegetables, trees, plants and herbs. With my dog at my side. 

Moving into a new home. Starting a new garden. Designing with a new color palette of flowers, plants and trees, where a bare landscape exists. Much like a blank canvas. This is where I consider the same structure of a painting. It can also be found in my garden design, my home interior and throughout my personal lifestyle.

Gardening makes for the true optimist. You always hope for that seedling to grow into a beautiful flower, vegetable etc. Always in awe of the amazing transformation from seed to flower. These beauties are whisked onto my dining table, side tables, desk, anywhere I have an empty vase or flower pot. This makes for lively interior! Then onto my paintings. 

Oil painting, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, tempura paint, spray painting, photography, and ceramics, are exciting mediums for me to create works of art.

My favorite right now is oil paint. It has a certain effortless viscosity to it. Pastels are easier for me to use, pick a color and apply. Oil paint allows me to observe movement, shapes, lines, light, and then translate all of the natural energy with the stroke of a paint brush. Creating a moment in time onto a canvas. 

Dawn Jacobsen

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