Who is on your Christmas list this year?




If there ever was a more perfect gift for any women in your life than this is it!  I don’t know how Rachel Zoe, the stylist to the stars, does it! But she delivers a sensational box of just the right everything you could want, every  time!

I order the year round box and it’s like getting a boost to my wardrobe, skincare, and well being! I will have to do an unboxing soon! Even the Box of Style box is a keeper! All the special things in each box is suited for any women which is simply fantastic! Since she is a stylist you will be receiving something fabulous and on trend!

Seriously, this is the best recommendation I can give you. You could buy just one box or subscribe to the entire year for that best friend, Mom, Grandma, daughter, Aunt, co-worker! Anyone!


 Best Girl Friends, MomGrandma, Daughter,


     Fashion for her from $15.00 and up!


Anyone can use a candle! Co-worker, family and friends!


Flowers are a great gift for that special person in your life! Or just for you!



Coffee Please! If you need a great coffee maker this is it!

Your True Love,

An experience gift such as dinner for two, a night of dancing, going to the movies, the ballet, a football game. I could give you more examples but perhaps think about how you first met and recreate that experience. Doing something together is the most enjoyable!


SonAuntNiece, Pet- Sitter, Hostess, Stylist, Co-Worker, Just in Case,  For me…


A personalized gift adds a touch of thoughtfulness!  This tote would be useful to carry any number of items; books, groceries, computer, tech gear, snow gear, overnight stay.  All around useful and smart! 



This fun top adds a little extra to the day!  Love the sleeves!



The Men in Your Life…!

Socks for that man in your life! Subscriptions available for as little as $10.00 a month or customize your order!


Here are my Top Five of my tried and true  favorite things for home.


No. 1      While moving into my new home, the front door did not have a peep hole.  The only safe solution would be to install a, link here, Ring video door bell. It attaches easily into the place of the existing doorbell. I did the install myself.  This has been such a blessing. No reason to open the door to a would be criminal or random people.  Just answer the door from anywhere on your phone or you can connect it to your Alexa.

One more thing, you can set a chime to ring on your phone, if anyone walks on your yard, sidewalk, etc. The sensitivity is something you control with the app installed on your phone. Hands down my favorite thing for anyone! The “pro” comes with many standard features. Worth every penny!


No. 2       The kitchen gadget or anywhere gadget that somehow does everything but cook the meal. It answers calls, could view the front door camera, plays music, videos, and has an array of recipes. I am speaking about the Echo Show, link here, with Alexa.


I like to set it to play the news in the morning. You can select the news stations and customize it to tell you the weather where you live or anywhere.



No. 3

   Link here, to The  iPhone X

This phone is a mini computer in the palm of your hand. It has powerful graphics and a very nice camera.


No. 4

Every morning I am blessed with great coffee from, link here,  Nespresso!  This coffee and espresso maker is fantastic!


No. 5

While I have several planners used for different purposes and projects. You cannot go wrong with giving the gift of a sweet organizer to start planning the New Year! I use several for all my different projects. Here is one that anyone could use.

Link here, Happy Planner for 2020




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